A black color convertible car on the street


“Because you are in the open air and sitting right above the rear end, and on those old cars with hard springs and no or little cushions, you certainly feel the rumble and roar.” Robert B. Curry

In 1937, the year of my birth, Connecticut had the privilege of having the first United States permanent automobile license plates issued. I’m not sure what kind of a car my father owned at that time, but I do remember a later car that had a rumble seat. While riding in that rumble seat on trips to visit my Uncle Willie and Aunt Iola in Saybrook, I experienced a large dose of embarrassment as I sat in that open fold-out seat situated over the rear axle when my dad got a ticket for driving too slow.

In 1937, Barbara Louise Fitts in her carriage with Cousin Dora also known as “Mike”.

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